Luxury Lawn Turf Laying.

We have decades of experience in turf installation, and a wealth of expertise in creating turf lawns to suit every garden environment while handling the precise excavation and leveling of gardens to ensure we deliver our clients a top-quality lawn. When creating new lawns, we selectively choose top-quality turf from high-quality growers such as grasslands of Kent. The key to creating a successful lawn from turf is in soil preparation and we use the best equipment to ensure soil preparation is carried out to the highest standard.

Garden & Land Clearance

We can provide a complete residential garden and commercial site clearance service. Our team can quickly clear and get your commercial site or private garden back in control so you can enjoy it, with our one-off garden clearance service.

Ground Leveling & Lawn Extensions

We offer a cost-effective and quick solution to getting your land cleared and leveled ready for building or landscaping.

Stone, Sleeper, Brick, and Block Edging.

Why not finish your new lawn off with some stone, brick or block edging? Our professional landscaping team will help advise the best solution for your garden.


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